Friday, September 11, 2009

Picking Puerh in Yunnan

Roy passed along this great photo of picking puerh tea from an old, wild tree in Yunnan. The best puerh grows in areas mainly populated by some of Yunnan's many ethnic minorities; these girls are dressed in the traditional fashion of one such group. Apropos of the "single bush" argument, not even a tree of this size can produce enough tea to make up an individual batch. But in any case, we thought you'd enjoy this fascinating look inside the process of creating the delightful beverage we all enjoy in the cup.


Jason Witt said...

It hasn't ceased to amaze me how these Yunnan groups can pick tea in their traditional garb. It's so colorful (and beautiful) that I feel it's too showy for the task, as it seems like it should be their best clothing. Do they wear these just for the photos, or do they like to work in their fancy clothes? --Spirituality of Tea

Virginia said...

No, this wasn't a "photo op," these are their everyday work clothes! It is amazing how relatively untouched these ethnic minorities in the mountains of Yunnan seem to be by modern culture. It's around them, but in large measure they choose to stay separate. Maybe a bit like the Amish here in the US.

Jason Witt said...

That's good to know. I've often wondered about those clothes and their work. I'm thankful I have a chance to drink their Pu-erh, that it isn't kept so isolated they like to be. --Spirituality of Tea